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Clint Holmes


      In these times of uncertainty where the value of life is undermined, I feel we need a reminder of the truth.  We need to be reminded of who we are and the greatness of the gift of our life. The arts are a key to realization of who and what we possess within us. A force of truth is given at birth. This truth has no boundaries, no limitations, and is pure love.  We are only born with love for this thing called life. 

I believe Spirit is all that we need to embrace and Spirit will take us through all things. All things that come up against us...even ourselves. Spiritually we will Enforce the purpose we have come here to pursue. Good health, a long life, respect for ourselves and others, and love for our mother earth. Through the ARTS we can and will remind all ...........

     The arts are our culture. Access to our culture is our birthright. As funding for arts programs in our public education system is dwindling at a time when it is most needed, my team and I decided to take action and created Wellness Through The Arts. WTA is a program that reintroduces arts into schools through their health programs,  integrating the art of living well and expression through different art forms. Each time you purchase a Spiritual Enforcer hat, you directly support the effort to give children living in less affluent communities access to the arts and therefor to their very culture.  Join the movement!






Join the movement!


Wayne Brady

Mayor Rothschild

Tucson, AZ

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